Mecha Shark is the third monster that Mega Shark faces in the Mega Shark film series. It's a mechanical submarine owned by the US Navy.

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Mecha Shark is the mechanical doppelganger of Mega Shark. He was created as a weapon to kill the new male Mega Shark that showed up when he was released from his icy prison that kept the monster asleep.

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When Mega Shark breaks out of his icy prison, he causes untold destruction across the seas and Mecha Shark is lying in wait to do battle with his opponent. The US Navy decides to deploy him in the waters with Rosie as his pilot.

It puts a tracking device on Mega Shark but fails to kill him after he sinks A Navy Ship. Mecha Shark chases after Mega Shark but is damage greatly after it stops an oil spill that Mega Shark caused with his tail while the mechanical dopplganger of the monster shark stops him from eating an airplane. Mecha Shark is then trapped into an avalanche but Nero gets him out in time to do battle with Mega shark once again.

Mecha Shark does ram into Mega Shark but that only serves to agitate the beast shark rather than hurt him. Mega Shark hurls Mecha Shark into the Sydney opera house where he activate amphibious mode and attacks everything in sight when soldiers point their guns at him.

Rosie and Jack make a plan to use Mega Shark to destroy both monsters with Rosie going inside of the robot shark. The Military jets fire at Mecha Shark damaging him but he still holds strong. Mecha Shark lets out loads of chum attracting Mega Shark without the shark knowing that their is a bomb on the robot and chomps on him killing them both.

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The AI, NERO, used on Mecha Shark was extracted before blowing up. The last known location of the AI is on a flash drive in Jack's possession. The future of Mecha Shark is currently unknown.

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