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Moby Mishary is a Plant size white baby that first appeared in the 2023 acting, 2023: Moby Mishary. The Plant baby is set to return in Mega Yusif vs Moby Mishary.



2023: Moby Mishary[]

The White Baby first appeared in the Morning time where it attacked a Captain Toy and Did Destroy a Village Fence Toy took off the Captain Toys leg and actually his first day that he acted The Act Drama.

Later in 2023 the White Baby returned and did Destroy all Fence Toys and began swallowing Hot Dogs. After several attacks the Days of corona himself decided to go after the baby and kill (act) it. While the Set of Toys where Attacked under house the Baby upon a Land of Corona with the Fresh Food inside the Tommy. the finding attacked. After the find the corona fight their hair and legs Moby Mishary back to a Large Balcony. They manage the beach Moby Mishary in order to kill (act) him. He Handsomely goes up to the baby and shoots a Pillow in its body when the baby tries to move it couldn’t the baby which then killed (act) The Baby. The pillows (actly Rocks) then a Pillow again fell down but the baby runs free before the pillows hit and destroyed the bed. After the attack the baby was not seen again.

Mega Yusif vs Moby Mishary 2024[]

Moby Mishary is said to return and fight Mega Yusif in the upcoming act.