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Moby Dick is a monster size white sperm whale that first appeared in the 2010 film, 2010: Moby Dick. The monster whale is set to return in Mega Shark vs Moby Dick.



2010: Moby Dick[]

The White Whale first appeared in the arctic where it attacked Captain Ahabs Submarine and the damage took off the Captains leg and igniting his deep hatred for the White Whale.

Later in 2010 the White Whale returned and wrecked havoc and began swallowing humpback whales. After several attacks the military led by Ahab himself decided to go after the whale and kill it. While tracking the whale deep underwater they stumbled upon a deep sea graveyard of ships with fresh bodies floating around the wrecks. the finding disgusts the crew. After the find the continue their search and track Moby Dick back to a small island. They manage the beach Moby Dick in order to kill him. Ahab foolishly goes up to the whale and shoots a harpoon in its eye enraging the whale which then killed Ahab. The missiles were then launched but the whale broke free before the missiles hit and destroyed the island. After the attack the Whale was not seen again.

Mega Shark vs Moby Dick 2021[]

Moby Dick is said to return and fight Mega Shark in the upcoming film.